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Pie Break!

Jan 31, 2022

It's another Identity Crisis episode and this time we're talking about the Goglari combo of green and black!

Jan 24, 2022

It's the State of the State of the Format! Rachel and Dan go through the recent RC statement about where Commander stands and where it's headed! Debate gets heated as they talk about how their views on the future differ and what they both want out of the format.

Jan 17, 2022

New Year! New Episode! Great Guest! We've got ALK Alters with us so we're making alterations of all our favorite stuff. Ever wondered which US cities would be which shock lands? Ever wondered what Oscar The Grouch's color identity would be? Look no further than this episode.

Check out ALK on Twitter at @AltersAlk!

Jan 10, 2022

The prisoner in the crate has been freed and their ready to tell their story! The villain sabotaging the automatons of Strixhaven reveals himself and our heroes have to thrown down to save the day. Can they pull it off?