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Pie Break!

May 21, 2024

Joey Schultz joined me to talk about the color identity of various musicals! We had an absolute blast, you'd be a fool to miss this one.

May 7, 2024

Jay Annelli (Magic's Loremaster, Vorthos Cast) joined me to talk about disasters!

Apr 30, 2024

You'll never believe what this episode is really about...but as a's about the playmat Kickstarter I'm running to raise money for the show.



Apr 10, 2024

Jack and I both used to drink too much! Then we found Magic. This is a little bit of a departure from form for the show! We talk about our experiences finding Magic in the early days of sobriety and why protecting the things that bring you joy is important in recovery and in everyday life.

While nothing terribly edgy...

Mar 26, 2024

Each month, $10 Patrons get an exclusive episode. This is one of those episodes. As I record season 2 of the show, I'm unlocking those special episodes to the public. This one is a lovely discussion with Council of Colors member Megan Smith about GREEN! Enjoy!