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Pie Break!

Feb 27, 2022

Few issues have polarized the EDH community quite like proxies. A recent poll Rachel conducted about the subject yielded a whopping 7,000 votes with a 49/50 split, so to say that the community is divided on this one is an understatement. This week we try to get to the bottom of the proxy problem and figure out what such...

Feb 21, 2022

The point has been made many times: finding a solid playgroup is frustrating in a lot of the same ways that dating is frustrating. So this week, we tried to isolate some fun, easy, questions you can ask that will help you and your table find the perfect game. 

*Love not guaranteed

Feb 14, 2022

After last year's user feedback, we've changed up the way we do set reviews! Instead of listing our favorite cards, we talk through the broad strokes of Kamigawa Neon Dynasty as well as the lore, rollout, and potential effect on EDH. Check it out!

Feb 7, 2022

Another Magic artist's bad politics have spilled into the game. What do you do when an artist whose work you love backs a cause you hate? Warning: We talk about some cancelled comedians in this one, namely Bill Cosby and Louis CK. We also discuss the broad strokes of why a handful of high profile artists were removed...